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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  February 12, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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will be my guest. joining me 1:00 p.m. for extended conversation. you doesn't want to miss it. melissa francis has tons of great stories for you. monday knit starts right now. melissa: wow that is huge get. bill ackman tomorrow. can't wait for that. i will tune in. excellent. economy improving. good luck telling most americans. two out of three say we're still in a recession. half are just barely getting by. vladmir putin's victory lap, a cease-fire reached in ukraine but is the imf's $17 billion that russia is really after? sony chief amy pascal at it again. what she said about the hacks that took down her company and calls hollywood stars, quote bottomless pits of need. so nice. he is the face of hbo hit series "entourage.." adrian grenier is going behind the camera. he will join us exclusively this hour, we promise. we promise. even when they say it's not it is always about money.
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deirdre: the economy versus your wallet. "fox news poll" reveals that americans believe things are getting better, just not when it comes to their own home. the number of people saying the country is still in recession is down more than 20% from 2010. but however, nearly half of respondents are just able to pay their own bills. let's bring in today's panel. taking a seat as we speak, fox business's own charlie gasparino. tons of time, tons of time. you are so early. everybody hear him walking in? >> couldn't have timed that better. >> perfect. >> blame neil cavuto. don't blame me. managing editor. melissa: not blaming anyone. tony sayegh from jamestown associates is here. he is also a fox biz contributor along with peter shenkman marketing expert, author of "zombie loyalists." whee. >> what is that? melissa: new book.
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yeah. most people think that we are we're still in a recession. 65% think that. that sounds terrible but a short time ago in september it was 80%. so that is an improvement. at the same time 50% say they're just able to pay their bills. 18% say they're falling behind. people not feeling so good about their own financial situation. >> recession ended sometime in 2010, right? melissa: i think so. yeah. >> officially, yet most people think we're still in recession. melissa: amazing. >> mind-boggling. listen wages are not unless you write code or, you know something like that, you're not making a lot of money. not a lot of job security. melissa: yeah. >> you know people react to real things. the but the president will try to say this is just people making this up. that somehow they, this is overhang of great -- melissa: 2009, those keeping track at home is when the recession ended. >> what are you chewing on? >> i have a sore throat. melissa: tony, why do you think
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people are not feeling so great? >> first off charlie is so right. >> i can do this chewing on something. >> real people, it is terrible. wages are down. buy are power same as in 1999. costs are up. not as if it is less expensive to live. president basically champions the fact economy is growing which it is, 3%. the middle class is not growing wit and creating sectors that create good middle class jobs like energy. what he would rather do vote down keystone pipeline creates jobs seven times minimum wage. he talks about raising minimum wage. melissa: peter, quick before we move on. >> first economy in a long time actually has a history. we're on line, looking at everything. we see exactly how we're doing versus our friends. we see everything in much bigger spectrum. that contributes a lot to what we're seeing. >> stock market went up dramatically. this just showed if you were part of that 1% -- melissa: did so much better. he has been great to you.
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took all-nighter but world leaders have reach ad seal for ceasefire in ukraine. the deal is set to take effects on midnight on sunday. the announcement comes as ukraine is set to receive $40 billion bailout from western creditors. imf over the next four years. you think there is a connection there, tony sayegh? >> absolutely. melissa: it is all about money. >> it is all about money. russia still negotiates something that benefits them at time where they have no leverage. >> amazing how they manage to do that. i wish i had those negotiating skills. >> you have president obama clearly exposed someone who is weak negotiator and western european leaders follow suit. russian economy in the stock exchange. he still outmanuevers the west. >> good thing to read is roger altman investment bank of roger altman, used to work in the clinton white house on. read what he wrote on the economy were. sj. -- "wall street journal." this is small economy. unsophisticated economy
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basically with one product. oil. the western bank can essentially put it out of business if we ratchet up pressure more. i don't know why we're dealing with them. melissa: speaking of energy, tesla continuing to slide. shares taking a hit after missing fourth quarter earnings. ceo elon musk is still optimistic saying automaker's market value will match apple's by 2015. that is very bold -- >> 2015 or -- melissa: sorry, 2025. thank you for catching that. i appreciate that. reporting a loss. looking ahead to the stats, they reported loss of 13 cents a share. folks were looking for a profit of 32 cents. the stock is tanking. what do you think of this one? >> that was a big hit. what is interesting he is doing so much right now where is his eye on the ball? he launched a rocket apparently come back to earth and make him tea. there is interesting question. when he has his focus on one game. investors are getting scared. tesla as great as it is, everyone talking about is still one car. what is coming after that?
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where are we with batteries? you can't drive from massachusetts to new york without four times to charge or two times to charge. where is infrastructure to support that. not coming as quick as people thought it would. melissa: the company will spend staggering amount of money on capital expenditures. that is scary to any shareholder. tony, what do you think? >> people smarter than me think tesla is great product with right future. i don't see demand for this product. >> that's the key. >> until that meets the expectations being set by elon who is obviously larger than life figure in the industry certainly i don't buy it. >> segue was a brilliant product. melissa: that's right. >> someone who covered oil, if you have new technology where you can drill and keep extracting oil from, even from u.s. why do you need electronic cars? melissa: just a status symbol in hollywood. only some people buy that. lucky fans of "house of cards" out there, even very briefly leaked on netflix. did you hear about this?
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sadly the episodes are no longer available. the series official twitter account had perfect response. this is washington, there is always a leak. all 13 episodes launch february 27th. somebody on our staff or julie your producer. she bet as lot of secrets from you, i got to tell you. >> get her on the show. melissa: that was, she saw part of the episode. by the time i heard about it it was down. >> 100 bucks it was intentional, completely intention shunnal. melissa: genius. >> leave it up ten minutes. we'll talk about more. how much can you talk about series drop in one day 12 episodes. brilliant move. melissa: very brilliant. you don't watch "house of cards?" >> i will yell at julie though. melissa: julie somebody go upstairs for julie to run for it before the segment is over. amy pascal breaking her silence on sony hack speaking out at women in the world conference. the producer didn't hold back how she feels about hollywood's
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biggest stars. >> bottomless pits of need. never seen anything like it. >> you have to wrap it up. you have to really tell them -- they're so great because, they they are this magical thing that no one else can be. melissa: she went on to say i mean obviously that wasn't enough, that they are feel need to be loved. that is because they are magical. asked about, what she said about, angie, angie didn't care. angelina jolie. angelina jolie. angie didn't care. everybody understood because we all live in this weird thing called hollywood. if we were all actually nice it wouldn't work. hmmm. >> that is interesting. kind of truthful though, isn't it. melissa: i think completely truthful. that is what is so funny. >> this was six months of anger building up and building up finally it came out. endless bottomless pits of need, she is talking about my 21-month-old daughter. same thing. i'm impressed she had guts to say it. this was a meltdown. >> i want to know who will sit
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next to her at academy abadder. >> seat filler. melissa: nobody in hollywood cares because everybody knows it's true. i don't know. >> why did she meet with al sharpton? >> she had to. didn't have a choice. melissa: trying to save her job. >> imagine -- >> no choice but to meet with al sharpton. >> no choice but to meet with al sharpton. >> if you choose to meet with him, 84 times like president obama? melissa: there you go. twice, that was fun, thank you. you know him as vince from the series "entourage.." actor and activist adrian grenier. you think it is grenier. but it is not. speaks about a new movie. >> is he in studio? melissa: yes, right outside. go say hi. we're not all immune to the lure of the selfie stick. latest pitch for obamacare you have to see to believe. more "money" coming up. ♪
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melissa: congress forcing president obama's plan on keystone pipeline. the house joined senate approving the project after four long years of gridlock. white house telling firm line on keystone, telling fox news, quote, as we have made clear the president will veto this bill. the bill is expected to hit the president's desk as soon as next week. here we go. meanwhile, the president obama heading to silicon valley for his cybersecurity summit. some of tech's biggest names though giving the president's invite a hard pass. fox business learning that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will not be in attendance. yahoo!'s marisa mayer and google's eric schmidt larry page not, reportedly missing the event. they are missing it. here to discuss it, steve moore from heritage foundation. he is a fox news contributor.
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noel thick pour, republican political strategist. why aren't they going do you think. >> i think this is personal diss to obama. i don't think they like the way he is running anything in regards to cyberterrorism or what is going on especially all the stuff that happened with the nsa i think they really are by not showing up sending a message to obama we don't really like what you're doing. melissa: this is after supporting him big time financially and in public, right, steve moore? >> i was just going to say that. basically these are the people who elected barack obama both in 2008 and 2012. the fact that they have soured on him i think she has the story exactly right. they're very nervous about the cybersecurity effort. and what effect it will have on internet freedom and ability to expand -- by the way there is a lot of concern about this net neutrality issue as well in silicon valley as well. melissa: tony, let me ask you, talking about creating a new government agency to deal with
2:15 pm
seibert security. another bureaucracy to see exactly what solves the problem. >> to steve's point, net newt strat is net neutrality -- lesson you will learn after eight years of barack obama you could be a ceo, give him a ton of money, wall street done it, financial service silicon valley, he is still somebody who looks at world through his own mind's eye and world view, you will never be guaranteed a fair seat at table. melissa: maybe that is good thing. he can't be bought. noell, you're a fund-raiser. he can't be bought. >> one thing about bigwigs not showing up when obama comes to speak, i would, consulting for any republican campaign for 2016 i would target these people, guess what if you don't like what democrats are doing, or people following in obama's footsteps are doing, aka democrats, why don't you come aboard our train and maybe see if they can't get some of that
2:16 pm
tech money? >> i would say that he just doesn't like business so much, so antibusiness he is antibusiness of the businesses that give him money. >> that is exactly right. a gift to the republicans. melissa: internet charm offensive rolls on with new buzzfeed video promoting the clip racked up 100,000 views. features the commander-in-chief posing with a selfie stick. so dignified. playing airball. a man of the people. where is glozell? i need glozell. >> why he got 65% of the youth vote right? i thought it was kind of a cute thing. but what is just, papers over is the fact that the news of the last two weeks is disaster. health care premiums are rising. the cost is up and people are not signing up. they're using these silly ads to cover up the complete disaster of melissa: perhaps it works, tony? does it work? how do we get obama to use self
2:17 pm
if i stick? buzzfeed asks video teaser. because he wants you to go to >> move beyond it and look at politics for a minute. this is president done a great job since 2007 since inception of his campaign, reaching out to young voters, reaching new media and social media. video aspect. not just twitter, facebook, linkedin. they use videos that control a story. republicans should not diss the strategy. >> i agree. >> what i think is troubling statement you have the -- at the same time you have the president skip things like paris for solidarity after murders there, skip netanyahu speech he sends troubling message where his priorities are where he spends at least most of his enjoyable time. melissa: we'll leave it there. american express shares dropping after its card was ditched by costco. the store will stop accepting amex payments next year on after the two companies were unable to
2:18 pm
come to a contract extension. that is a big deal. google waging a war against body odor. it has been grant ad patent for fragrance emissions device. the wearable spray, spray as deodorizing scent when it detects body heat and sweat. try wearing that with your google glass. a congressman from a state has introduced a bill that would have them ban in public. he says they promote indecent exposure. no yoga pants? linkedin spreading more than just your resume' around. have to explain the connection between silicon valley and the measles outbreak. plus, british aquarium saving marine life and serving it as a meal? no wonder the fish look so nervous. smart money coming up. ♪
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okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today starting in greece where leaders failed to hammer out a bailout deal that is despite hours of negotiations between the new government and european officials. meanwhile greek citizens have poured into the streets in the thousands to support the government's anti-austerity movement. over to south korea where the so-called nut rage lady, you know her she has been sent to jail. the heirest has been given a one-year sentence with the judge saying that she damaged the dignity of the country. former executive said to have thrown a tantrum being served nuts in a bag rather than on a plate. i hate it when they do that. landing in the u.k. where aquariums are under fire for serving fish an chips.
2:23 pm
animal rights group peta on the warpath, telling people to boycott some of the nation's most popular attractions until the men is changed. serving fish and chips in an an aquarium like serving monkey or zebra at a zoo. that is food for thought. silicon valley is on alert as tens of thousands come mute -- commuters may have been infected. a an employee took a train from san from three times last week. we have dr. david samadi. what does it mean for people who weren't vaccinated and may have been on the train with the person? >> obviously they have a high chance of betting disease. this is contagious virus. it is most aggressive virus you can have. if you're in a room and not vaccinated, somebody walks in with the measles. you have 98% chance of getting this virus. melissa: wow. >> we have great treatment which is called vaccination. something you're familiar with.
2:24 pm
95% of the people that get the vaccine, they build antibodies and they're immune. so the fact people are still debating whether we should get vaccine or not is completely nuts. when it came to ebola 75% contagious. we didn't have the vaccine. we were desperate to get it, we have debate. when it comes to flu virus we can debate vaccines are good or effective. this is very effective vaccine in a disease completely contagious. for the parents to debate whether you get autism from this or not this is health crisis. reason sometimes they get immunity because of personal beliefs and religions. i hate to get government involved to tell us when to get vaccines -- melissa: we're not a fan of that. >> i'm completely with you but in a way that this can become a health crisis somebody needs to watch over this. melissa: talk about that a little bit. not just on a train at silicon valley. look at child care facilities of 12 major tech companies reveal half had dangerously low
2:25 pm
vaccinations rates. i mean it is amazing. two of the biggest offenders. this is according to wired. they crunch the numbers. pixar day care only 43% of the kids there had been vaccinated at google. only 49%. if you're a parent, taking when i take my kids to places in new york, you have to provide their immunization record or else they won't take my child. can you ask if you go to day-care percentage what is the percentage? >> you should. whether they -- melissa: they don't have to. don't want to leave your kid there if they don't tell you vaccination rate. >> absolutely right. look at data they presented. over 50% of the kids are not vaccinated yet exposing your child who is already immune to this disease. i think it is jeopardizing whole society. our community is in danger. a decade ago we didn't have to worry about measles. you never heard us talk about this. it was completely eradicated. melissa: yeah. >> we didn't have to deal with this. we have is 45,000 people die
2:26 pm
from -- 145,000 people die globally from measles because they don't have vaccine available. we have it. shouldn't jeopardize the kids. melissa: here is a phrase you want to know, measles party. california health officials are warning not, not to expose their kids to infectious disease on rumors some are arranging playdates for their kids to catch measles. this is like used to do with chicken pox. they bring kids over. >> chicken pox melissa is completely different disease. measles can actually kill. we see encephalitis, we see brain damage. see seizures from measles. finally death. this is totally different virus than chicken pox. all doctors and cdc is 100% against this for anybody listing to this and hear about measles parties, please stay away. now some of the states really have to look into this, to make sure ban any of these parties and vaccinate. we have only 92% vaccination rate. we should be around should be
2:27 pm
100% but somewhere between 97 to 100% we would be in good situation. melissa: talking about these measles parties this, is all over social media. somebody on our staff saw on somebody they knew facebook page, talking about measles parties, where is one. this insane? >> this jeopardizing your child. not saying child abuse. you're putting your kid in danger. don't want to do this. melissa: yeah. >> getting vaccine which is live virus but it is not as aggressive. you build up antibodies, even if you're adult check to see if you really have right antibodies. you may have had the vaccine and not completely covered. melissa: yeah. >> this is the time to talk to your doctor. melissa: dr. samadi, thank you very much. we have breaking news right now. this is live look at senate floor where lawmakers approved ashton carter as defense secretary. he will become president obama's fourth defense secretary in six years. carter will succeed chuck hagel
2:28 pm
who announced his resignation back in november. going in for the grill. why adrian grenier is out searching for the world's loneliest whale. "ontourage" actor joins me here on set. that is coming up next. pluses massive powerball jackpot won by a lucky few. boy, the odds were against them. >> the odds of winning lottery are so low fortunately our nation's news reporters are working very hard to remind us of just how hopeless it is. >> you have a better chance of being crushed by an asteroid or having identical quadruplets. >> you have better chance of having an 11th toe. >> you have better chance being struck by an airplane falling out of the sky, twice. >> much better chance of being attacked by shark multiple times the next time you go swimming.
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today including the original inventor of the internet al gore making a little extra cash from his investment in apple, shares of the company adding their best week since october this hitting an all-time high of over $127. which means that al gore is holding -- his holdings are up over $9 million this year alone. and that is very lucky. but about to make a lot less money, tiger woods professional golfer taking a leave of absence from the sport. saying that his performance is unacceptable for tournaments. and we know at least three winners of the powerball drawing last night $564 million, the winning ticket sold in puerto rico and texas, each will get
2:33 pm
$127 million if they choose to receive this in a lump sum. and so wall street inching closer to the dow jones come it 18,000 and word of that let's go to nicole petallides with more on the trade. talk to me about it. >> the dow jones on the online travel industry, which is a big deal today, expedia by orbitz or $1.4 billion. when you look at this you will see all of this across the board and hitting high orbitz -- what is also worth noting is that they are up 22%. when i talk to talked to dan at morningstar, he said that analysts there say it's a good deal it makes sense. and in fact because together they will continue to grow and expedia will see revenue margins actually start to expand.
2:34 pm
there is so much growth potential in the industry from the emerging market to try to book other things online like restaurants and tours and attractions. he thinks consolidation of the industry could continue. melissa: thank you so much. check out crude oil settling $2.37, almost 5% 4.85% 5121, big move in crude oil today and keeping an eye on that. the boys are back in just a few months, the hit show entourage making its big debut. one of the stars is kick starting a campaign. adrian grenier joins us now. it's called the lonely whale. i saw you running with a t-shirt on that says why is he so lonely? >> the scientists are trying to figure it out, we are doing a kick starter campaign to fund a scientific quest an expedition to try to figure out why whales
2:35 pm
are changing their calls. melissa: this is a particular whale who speaks at a different frequency so he cannot committee with others and ends up wondering by himself. >> have you ever felt misunderstood? >> yes i have. >> you feel like an outsider, misunderstood, that is what is happening. whales can live up to 100 years and this whale has been swimming out in the abyss and it never once receiving a response because he speaks at 52-hertz. and so his nickname is 52. melissa: how does anyone know that? >> we have been listening to him since the cold war the u.s. navy have microphones in the ocean and they are listening constantly to the ocean scientists are able to take that data and to do this that this
2:36 pm
call the 52-hertz is in fact a whale. see what you are funding this through kickstarter. but i would think that is a celebrity could raise anything. >> well, we figure lets a massive group of people who can empathize with this whale understand our desire to go out on this quest and understand our world better. we know less about the oceans, i mean, we know less about them than we do the surface of the moon and i think that it is time that we put our focus right here on the earth's. melissa: very cool project everybody wants to know about the movie of kickstarter i know the guys were filming for the movie and that caught a lot of attention? >> yes, we are always right in the thick of it. melissa: where does the movie pick pickup? the final episode that i was a huge fan of, you jump on a plane with the woman you're about to marry.
2:37 pm
>> you want some spoilers? [laughter] i'm getting all of the entourage guys to make this run well. melissa: i think it would be fantastic. >> it's all about friendship and they need friends. >> i think it would be pretty cool. how much further after the series ends? >> moments away, not very long at all, basically just a continuation. melissa: are you as excited? >> of course we are very excited. melissa: people are talking about a sequel. is that going to happen? >> yes if i had a magic ball. melissa: when you need to raise the money by and how much are you raising? >> it's one of the most important weeks, the first is the most important it is helpless to find the whale and
2:38 pm
it will offset this science belt. melissa: thank you so much for coming on the show, it's nice to meet you. a computer glitch saving individuals thousands of dollars, sucking the fun right out of it and mother nature single and bitter because she is bearing lovebirds in snow. at the end of the day it's all about money and whales. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox news business pretty. west coast shipping ports shutting down for several days because of a dispute between port management and they dock workers union. those running the ports say that they would rather shut down and have to pay higher wages. over two dozen locations are affected from washington to california. the waldorf astoria waldorf-astoria has been sold to a chinese insurance group, to close the deal for nearly $2 billion. because the money will be used to buy hotels in florida, and san francisco. and a very sad day for television. correspondent bob simon has died in a tragic car accident in new york city. his journalism career began during the war in vietnam and took it to many war zones.
2:41 pm
he was the winner of 27 emmys and was only 73 years old
2:42 pm
melissa: a breakthrough for the ukraine -com,-com ma agreeing to a cease-fire after 16 hours of overnight talks, the leaders of russia and ukraine and france and germany hammering out a deal to stop the fighting. greg has more in key have.
2:43 pm
>> of folks here are very skeptical about whether it can work and they have been here before. the result of marathon talks between russian president lennart hooton, the leaders of france and germany and the result is a couple pieces of pieces of paper that might or might not mean the end of a year of bloodshed in the east. that cease-fire said to be unconditional which is supposed to go into effect midnight local time on saturday night and that's 5:00 p.m. eastern time. another key point with tanks, artillery pieces, rockets, doing so much damage there and the damage as you know continues. the last couple of weeks we have seen a lot of fighting in the region. there is a battle right now over a key transport hub. and the line of division between the two sides still hasn't been marked out.
2:44 pm
melissa: let's check in with liz claman and see what she has coming up on the show. >> this has to have been one of the most dramatic post earnings calls earnings ever. there were gold pronunciations and cursing this is the stock payback by just about 5%, we will play you the sound from the conference call and let you decide if these pronouncements are really something that would make you want to go to the stock and the cursing as well, but we will have to think about that. having this debate on tesla. is this company of the future? so we have two top experts and one is a full on bear and the other is a bull. plus we have lauren the car coach.
2:45 pm
coming up on valentine's day well guess where warren buffett does when buffet does when he wants to buy his diamonds? he may be a billionaire, but he's very frugal. among the best prices in the nation, helzberg diamonds, we have the ceo. she has a product that we are going to show you that is super popular. we will get the price points for you and how she sees the consumers this valentine's day. melissa: thank you so much. bundle up because there's more snow on the way just in time to ruin your valentine's day weekend. 33 million people under a win televise a rewrite now. rick is in the fox weather center with more. say it isn't so. >> it is the perfect time for it, isn't it? >> all right snuggle up. [laughter] >> it's going to be very cold stay inside find something to
2:46 pm
do. this is kind of the first one that we are dealing with, not big snow but starting a process as the front moves through and we will see a little bit more snow across cape cod and the islands, little bit of the break tomorrow, remaining cold and then you start to watch this one, potentially a vague snow maker forest saturday into sunday across parts of new england, boston portsmouth, towards bangor, places that have seen much snow and talking about potential lizard conditions some models looking like this with new york city two to 5 inches, taking a look at boston maybe it over a foot of snow again. getting this and that's all about to get more snow, then taking a look at what happens right now, by tomorrow morning feeling like minus 9 degrees
2:47 pm
minus 13 degrees burlington stays this way through monday and so there you go. melissa: pinker valentine's day may be. if you have not seen it be sure to watch our fantastic new show strange inheritance tonight at 9:00 p.m., jamie colby will be featuring daughters who inherit a 300-year-old cello and you won't believe what it's worth. and a family with one of the rarest of collections in the world because doesn't everyone collect loves? and try before you buy comes to wearables. how you can take this for a test drive before dropping your hard cash on it. and boeing pulling back the curtain on this streamliner. check it out. we can tell you you can never have too much money.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good.
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it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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melissa: months away from an apple watch on bail. are you interested but not sure it's for you to map we have a guest that has more. a chance to rent one first for just $40 per week. we have the company ceo joining us right now and this is a very cool idea because there are so many gadgets out there. so looking at this so you can pick five devices. >> that's right, you can pick any five devices, which is the is that you want to run faster lose weight every device does different things, people pick
2:52 pm
any five devices it's free to try them on, if you buy any of them, it is just the retail price, if you don't like it you pay a small fee. >> it's not quite a small fee. melissa: this is going to include the apple watch? >> yes right now it's only $20. but it goes up to 40. melissa: renters can onto it? >> seven days from the day you get it. >> how do you make money on this matter. >> we have wholesale deals just like amazon or any other store we sell it for retail price and that's how we make money. melissa: is that all the apple models? on their bold ones as well? >> yes, we are not going to have a customized ones were gold ones, but there are three different out there and what
2:53 pm
those will have. melissa: thank you. okay don't make promises you can't keep, united airlines backing out on their deal offering this class seats for $50, i can only imagine how many angry phone calls they are getting. at the end of the day it is all about money
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
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help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to lumoid lumoid. melissa: fitbit throwing harsh advice, it's not us, it's you and your sweaty arm. after getting a new crop of complaints about wristbands the company advised people to stop wearing them. saying the skin irritation is likely, quote, from wearing the band too tight. they lived through the recall because of the pesky rashes. so, you know, they're done with it. it's time for a little fun with spare change. united airlines released first class international airfares for as low as 50 bucks, it was
2:57 pm
too good to be true, saying, quote -- brian kelly, founder of the point purchased three tickets yesterday and joins me now. let me get the story straight they posted tickets from london to australia, something that would normally be thousands of dollars, up there about 50 bucks, is that right? >> exactly. melissa: how did you figure it was there? >> any fight from the u.k. whether going to south africa or new york was in the mixup. a frequent flier found out and it quickly spread like wildfire and i was able to book several. liz: people were posting online guess what, united has this thing going ohop on it? >> exactly, in this day of social media, word spread quickly, united ticketed and confirmed all of the flights.
2:58 pm
my sydney first class trip was $1400, they weren't all nothing, but drastically lower than what they would normally go for. melissa: how many ticket did you buy? >> i got four different round-trip tickets, they've all since been canceled. united and others have honored the mistakes in the past. the department of transportation has a rule saying airlines are not allowed to change the price of travel once they ticket. and united did ticket many these, there could be a chance united will have to backpeddle that's to the department of transportation to decide. melissa: etiad, something similar happened and they ate the losses and honored the tickets. what would you say to united? i can see the point of view it was a mistake and not fair to them, but you bought the tickets, what would you say to them? >> what happens when consumers buy ticket us and make a mistake. you get $400 to change a
2:59 pm
ticket. it was united's mistake and they're passing the buck on a third party. you made a billion bucks last quarter, get better i.t. or something. it was a mistake, i'm not disputing that united could have earned goodwill instead of punching the consumers that complained. melissa: did you tweet have you called have you been on social media? are they angry? >> people are angry at me because, oh, you're such an opportunist. you file a d.o.t. complaint, you submit it and the d.o.t. will handle it from here on out. melissa: keep us posted what happens. thank you. >> will do. melissa: american airlines unveiling the design of new dreamliner with the spotlight on seats in business class everyone gets an aisle seat no more elbow fighting for the armrest, some of the seats are facing backwards. that's sure to put a few airsick bags to use. you can calm yourself with the noise cancelling headphones at
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no extra charge. that's all we have for now. i hope you're making money today. "countdown" starts right now with liz claman. liz: we're looking at general motors potential answer to tesla's electronic car. the all-electronic bolt plus show you ford's souped up interceptor to help law enforcement chase the bad guys and take a look at latest models from kia to toyota. tesla's ceo on the conference call after the company's earnings miss, founder elon musk not angry sent investors into a tizzy after tesla could match the size of one of the most profitable brands on the planet. listen. >> to take this year's revenue, around 6 billion, or


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